CV and biography

Name and address / Nom et adresse

Laboratory / Laboratoire

Diplomas / Diplômes  &  Prix / Awards

  • 2004 : Habilitation / HDR Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches, INSA de Lyon and Claude Bernard University in Lyon, France
  • 1992 : PhD Thesis / Thèse de doctorat, ENGEES and Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg, France
  • 1987 : Master of Science / DEA, ENGEES and Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg, France
  • 1986 : Engineer Diploma, ENGEES, Strasbourg, France

Positions / Expériences professionnelles

  • Nov. 2014 - Dec. 2020 : head of DEEP Laboratory (Déchets Eaux Environnement Pollutions - Wastes Water Environment Pollution)
  • since 2008 : Professor, INSA Lyon, France
  • 1997-2008 : Associate Professor, INSA Lyon, Lyon, France
  • 1995-1997 : Research Engineer, CTIA (Centre Technique International de l'Assainissement), Lyonnaise des Eaux, Bordeaux, France
  • 1992-1995 : Research engineer, CIRSEE (Centre International de Recherche Sur l'Eau et l'Environnement), Lyonnaise des Eaux, Paris, France
  • 1989-1992 : PhD Thesis in Strasbourg, France


Main research fields / Domaines de recherche principaux

  • Metrology and modelling of water and pollutants transfer in urban drainage systems
  • Sediment transport in sewers
  • Infiltration / exfiltration in sewer systems
  • Stormwater treatment (settling)
  • Integrated urban water management
  • Métrologie et modélisation des transferts d'eau et de polluants en hydrologie urbaine
  • Transport solide en réseaux d'assainissement
  • Infiltration / exfiltration en réseaux d'assainissement
  • Traitement des eaux pluviales (décantation)
  • Gestion intégrée des eaux urbaines


Scientific affiliations and related activities / Affiliations et animations scientifiques

At national level :

  • Member of the French association SHF (Société Hydrotechnique de France) since 1992.
  • (Co)-Chair of the SHF "Hydrologie Urbaine / Urban Hydrology" working group from 1999 to 2002.
  • Member of the French association ASTEE (Association Scientifique et Technique pour l'Eau et l'Environnement, formerly AGHTM) since 1990. ASTEE is the French Governing Member of IWA.
  • Member of the ASTEE "Pluvial / Stormwater" working group since 1991. Co-chair from 2002 to 2008.
  • Member of the AUGC (Association Universitaire de Génie Civil) since 2001. Elected member of the AUGC Executive Board from 2002 to 2005.
  • Member of the association Eurydice from 1995 to 2018. Eurydice is co-organizing the Novatech conferences held in Lyon, France every 3 years, and is editing the French Encyclopedia on Urban Hydrology and Sewerage.
  • President of GRAIE (from 2011 to 2017)

At international level :

  • Member of the IWA (International Water Association).
  • Elected member of the IWA Strategic Council (2010-2018)
  • Chair of the IWA SC2SG (Strategic Council Sub-Committee for Specialist Groups) (2013-2018)
  • Expert in the COST 682 (1994 to 1998) on "Optimizing the design and operation of biological wastewater treatment plants through the use of computer programs based on a dynamic modelling of the process".
  • Expert in the COST 624 (1999 to 2004) on "Optimal management of wastewater systems", working group 2 on "Integrated urban water systems".
  • Member (1999 to 2002) of the IAHR-EGH Steering Committee (International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research - European Engineering Graduate School Environment Water), topic "Environmental Hydraulics".