The SHDUHD Project : a Short Historical Dictionary on Urban Hydrology and Drainage


The SHDUHD project : introduction to a personal hobby

Some years ago, for personal interest, I decided to get copies of few papers or books which were very frequently, if not always, cited in scientific and technical publications on urban hydrology, urban drainage and sewer systems. From authors like Manning, Waring, Caquot, Horton, Kuichling, Bürkli-Ziegler, Bazalgette, Snow, Chadwick, etc. Little by little, as for a comprehensive literature review or even for a criminal enquiry (it is frequently hard to locate some ancient documents and to get access to or copies of them), I widened my historical interests and topics and found more papers, books and many other types of documents, not only scientific ones. I have now collected hundreds of them, some are copies, some are originals. To be honest, I have not yet read all of them... due to time restrictions.

In 2003, I started a long term project (I have no deadline... but I will need years), named SHDUHD (*):

a Short Historical Dictionary on Urban Hydrology and Drainage

My intention is to write a collection of articles systematically based on the originals, with excerpts of them, bios, comments, maps, links, anecdotes, etc. and to complete it with longer papers and synthetic tables. I am not an historian, and very likely this may appear as a kind of erudition exercise. Be indulgent: it is only a hobby I have the pleasure to share. Maybe you will find there some interesting information and data.

Like the French Academy, I have decades in front of me to reach the letter Z...

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I will complete and update the SHDUHD irregularly, according to my time availability. 
Your comments are welcome. And if you have some ancient documents you are ready to copy, to loan or to give me, thanks in advance !

(*) I agree this acronym is not fantastic...