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Street inlet above the Roman sewer system in the city of Saint Romain en Gal, France, 30 km south of Lyon, in the period 100 BC - 300 AD (photo JLBK, March 2005).

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Left: wastewater discharged on the road from a surcharged (and open !) manhole in a street in Beirut, Lebanon.
Right: the manhole cover is just 2 meters away, along a building wall - During storm events, many manholes are uncovered to avoid blockages, but with high risks for pedestrians, cars, etc. (photos JLBK, January 2004).
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A clogged street inlet in Rome, just near the Coliseum (Photo JLBK, Sept. 2003).
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Open channel downstream a stormwater storage tank in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, with a rather high fine sediments concentration (photo JLBK, November 2003).
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Deposits and sediments in a sewer in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, as observed during a manual cleansing action (photo Municipality of Belo Horizonte)

23rd European Junior Scientists Workshop

on Monitoring Urban Drainage Systems

in Chichilianne, France, 15-20 May 2017

The place to be in May 2017 !
23rd EJSW - 1st Call for Abstracts

IWA Principles for Water-Wise Cities


The INSA LGCIE / Alison software
for data validation and processing in urban hydrology

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